My name is Jaime and I am a recovering architect. I believe in cities, which are the greatest human creation and have endured thousands of years of natural disasters, governments and even Le Corbusier. If you come by you will read my thoughts and ideas on cities, food markets, Placemaking, food and spirits and music.

You can find me on Twitter: @izurietavarea
I believe in exchanging ideas to improve our surroundings. I believe in beauty and consider it search a virtue. I believe that traditional, historic places have great lessons to teach and I design urban spaces, neighborhoods and cities with that in mind. However, cities are not made by design. The quality of the experience they offer is defined by how we address the building plynths, and I have dedicated more than ten years to study the interface between building and city at ground level.

I am a recovering architect and here you can read how I think.


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