The “To be continued” shopfront

Not all Real Estate was created equal. Some are in great streets, some have good neighbors and others have been carefully designed with visibility, productivity and attractiveness in mind. But even those are not likely to have a 100% occupation rate. There will be times when vacancy strikes and the developer’s challenge is to maintain the charm of the site. Take this shopfront in Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach. They are unoccupied and looking for their next tennant but they have given it a purpose for the time when it’s not under lease. This temporary use by a cultural institution helps to retain the street’s walk appeal, sends a message of continuity in the shopfront’s activities and of constant upkeep of the commercial frontage, while allowing for a different public to be in contact with some of what the Ballet has to offer. 

Examples of this are diverse, ranging from the one pictured, of the Miami city Ballet. I have seen cultural institutions, museums, botanical gardens, art galleries, orchestras and pop-up burger restaurants. I have read about many more. Those that have a static front and those that activate it with art, music, food or flowers and create an interactive, immersive experience. 


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